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Bleaching Materials
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Office Bleaching: Generic superoxol is available at many chemical supply stores. Union Broach sells single-dose bottles. Opalescence Xtra is a 35% hydrogen peroxide material in a red gel. Opalescence Quick is a 35% carbmide peroxide for office use. Hi-Lite (Shofu) has a light-cured color indicator that changes during bleaching that some clinicians find useful. Starbrite (Stardent Labs) contains a thickening agent to help control placement.

Home Bleaching: 10% Carbamide peroxides are the only products with ADA approval. Most contain a thickening agent (e.g., carbopol): The first in common use was Proxigel (Reed & Carnrick, 201-981-0070, 800-526-3021). Others followed as DentlBright (Cura Pharmaceutical, 904-725-8447), Rembrandt (Den-Mat). In the bleaching market there are about a dozen similar, effective products (all 10% carbamide peroxides) containing varying amounts of thickening agents. Many products are available in different concentrations, such as Opalescence (Ultradent) which comes in 10%, 15% and 20% carbamide peroxide concentrations. Perfecta (American Dental Hygienics) and others are also available. Higher concentrations are more irritating and should be used in trays that do not contact tissue. Platinum (Colgate) uses a different chemistry that is equally effective.

Thermaknife (Buffalo) can be used to trim trays.

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