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Burs and Diamonds
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ADEPT Recommended Diamond Shapes: These diamonds are recommended shapes for most bonded composite and porcelain preparations. These shapes are available from most manufacturers. This group was assembled by Brasseler (#A620B) and is sold with no additional mark-up over unit cost and no sales profit to the ADEPT Institute. From left to right / Veneer: #828-026, 6844-014, 38011-52, 8856L-016; Crown: #5869-014, 8885-010, 10839-012; Direct: #849-010, 801-010, and Finishing #8368-016, 8859G-010, 132F-008. A presentation like this is available for any company that would like to have us display recommendations from their product line.

Burs: Any straight-sided, round-ended, long, smooth cutting bur can be used.

Abrasive Technology: Two Striper. (Premier 800-824-7888): Recommended shapes: #767.7F for general purpose chamfer veneer preparations, #767.9F for anterior porcelain veneer preparations.

American Diamond Instruments (800) 537-7474: Low cost. Recommended: #023R and #021R round-ended taper for preps, #051N and #061FB superfines for finishing, and #090B ball for linguals.

Brasseler Diamond Products (800) 841-4522: Recommended shapes: Depth cutters 0.5 mm (#828-022), 0.8m (#828-026), 1 mm (#828-030) for veneer preparations. 2 Grit 6844-016Safe end 8859/859 GKEFThese are used in horizontal cuts at the gingival, body, and incisal edges, respectively. For vertical reduction #LVS-3 (2 Grit 6844-016) and LVS-4 (2 Grit 6844-014) are round-ended and tapered two-grit diamonds. The tip has a finer grit than the body. The preparation is then polished with a 12-fluted bur and/or finishing discs until the preparation is glass smooth. They work very nicely for veneer preparations. For Class V finishing, use a Safe Ended Flame 8859 GKEF, Fine or 859 GKEF, Extra Fine for initial trimming near the gingiva. For initial CMBR preparations, use a Round-End Cylinder 6881-014, coarse. For 90 end cutting, a 10839-014 works well to reduce tissue damage.

Caulk/Dentsply: Caulk Super Bur.

Dentatus (415)-820-4242: Recommend both 30 and 50 kits of micron diamonds. They are of exceptional quality and recommended for finishing and occlusal adjustments.

Lasco Diamond Products (800) 621-4727: Recommended shapes: #TR6, #TR8 for general purpose chamfer veneer preparations, #TR12, #WS1 for long anterior preparations. #TR7, #TR9, #CC3, #T6XC (Micron Diamond) for posterior preparations.

Shofu Robot Points (415) 324-0085: Low cost. Recommended shapes: #0835 for general purpose chamfer veneer preparations. #835F for long anterior preparations. #0832 for posterior preparations.

Shofu Diamonds: Robot Point FG Diamonds (Shofu). Hybrid Points (Shofu)are regular grit. T & F-grit Hybrid Point Kit (Shofu) are 20m. TPE: Tissue-protective, end-cutting available in 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm diameters.

Bisco: Finishing Diamonds: Raptor System #R1SF and #R2SF are occlusal-shaped diamonds that are excellent for shaping composite resins.

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