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Finishing Systems
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Particle Sizes: All finishing systems involve the use of heterogeneous materials that have particle sizes between 0.03m and 100m. Generally, gross reduction, intermediate finishing, and fine finishing are done with particles in the 100m, 2040m, and 0.0320m ranges, respectively. The particle size of a finishing system can be used to predict the level of polish that will be achieved. 3/5/01

Micron Diamonds: Esthetic Finishing Kit (Brasseler) and T & F Hybrid Points (Shofu) for anteriors; Hybrid Points (Shofu) for posteriors; Micron Diamonds for all uses (Premier & Lasco).

Safe End Finishing Diamonds: Safe Ended Flame 8859 GKEF, Fine FG by Brasseler are excellent for trimming Class V restorations. Safe Ended Flame 859 GKEF, Extra Fine.

Finishing Discs (Aluminum Oxide): Sof-Lex Pop-on Discs, both Regular and XT (3M) are very popular (Course = 100m, Medium = 40m, Fine = 24m, and Extra Fine = m). Flexidiscs (Cosmedent) are similar. Rainbow (Shofu) offers rubber safe-sided discs that are unique in that they are very small for difficult access. Others are available. 3/5/01

Plastic Finishing Strips: Epitex (G-C), Sof-Lex Strips (3M): FlexiStrips (Cosmedent). 1/29/00

Metal Finishing Strips: For use with porcelain and composite. G-C Metal Strips (G-C), Compo Strips (Premier), Gateway Diamond Strips (Brasseler), and Enhance Finishing Strips (Caulk). VisionFlex DiamondStrip (Brasseler) has perforations that help remove debris. All these strips come in multiple grits. (3/5/01)

Aluminum Oxide Polishing Pastes: Prisma Gloss--1m (Caulk), Prisma Gloss Extra Fine--0.3m, Luster Paste Micro Polishing--1m (Kerr), Luster Paste--0.3m, Enamelize--1m (Cosmedent), and many others. 3/5/01

Diamond Polishing Pastes: Diamond compounds with larger particles (10m to 100+m) trim porcelain, while those with smaller (1m to 5m) particles provide a high polish without cutting the surface. Do not use on margins since the diamond will ditch the softer composite.
       Diamond Compound Size #10 (815m), Type SJK-5, Concentration: HWS/DPT (Beta Diamond Products, Inc. 714-777-7144). This product will cut and/or shine the surface of porcelain depending on the pressure and speed of application. Place with a soft bristle brush.
B&H Diamond Polishing Paste
       (B&H Technologies 800-628-8300) is made with a resin base, which greatly reduces the paste from being thrown off a soft Robinson bristle brush. Coarse (blue, 90100m) gives a satin finish, fine (yellow, 15m) gives a high polish. Medium is (pink) 2530m. These are popular with many dental technicians.
       Other products are: Diamond Paste (Vident), Concept Paste (Ivoclar), InstaGlaze (Taub), and Diamond Polishing Paste (Brasseler). 3/5/01

Rubber Points: Isopaste (Vivadent); Midi, Quaste (Shofu); Enhance-50 (Caulk); all in cups, points and discs. These are available as cup shapes and work well with posterior composites. Enhance cups are soft and very good for final occlusal clean-up. 1/29/00

Hand Instruments: Tungsten Carbide Carvers (Brasseler): Good for trimming excess composite from marginal areas. Tungsten Carbide Carvers (American): similar, but slightly larger than Brasselers.3/5/01

SHOFU Finishing Products: OneGloss (Shofu): Cup, inverted cone, and point-shaped silicone cups that are similar to Enhance (Caulk). As Enhance, they are one-step, single use. Altering contact pressure moves from finishing to polishing. SuperBuff (Shofu) is a unique paste-impregnated felt polishing disc. The disc is activated by water or saliva and works well as a final finishing step for resin or metal. Brownie, Greenie and SuperGreenie Points (Shofu): For precious alloys, amalgam, and porcelain. Popular impregnated silicone polishers. Ceramiste points and cups (Shofu): Polishing porcelain and enamel, three different grits. CompoSite Points and Cups (Shofu): Will cut composite and not enamel. The Super-Snap Disks (Shofu) have an elastic hub without a metal center and are very thin. Super-Snap Polystrips (Shofu) are color-coded with matching grit size to Super-Snap Disks. Ultra II Porcelain Polishing Paste (Shofu). Porcelain "Laminate Polishing FG Kit" (Shofu) is effective and works very quickly in polishing ceramic surfaces.

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