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Mean and Lean Product List
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Heavy Filled Glass Ionomer: Fuji IX GP capsules (fast set)

Adept Diamond Kit: These diamonds are recommended shapes for most bonded composite and porcelain preparations. These shapes are available from most manufacturers. This group was assembled by Brasseler (#A620B) and is sold with no additional mark-up over unit cost and no sales profit to the ADEPT Institute. From left to right / Veneer: #828-026, 6844-014, 38011-52, 8856L-016; Crown: #5869-014, 8885-010, 10839-012; Direct: #849-010, 801-010, and Finishing #8368-016, 8859G-010, 132F-008. A presentation like this is available for any company that would like to have us display recommendations from their product line.

Dementron LC: Featuring our 80-watt Optibulb, the Demetron LC registers a minimum output of 600 mW/cm2 with 11mm standard light guide

Scotchbond Multipurpose plus: Scotchbond Multipurpose plus is a well established bonding system with minimal sensitivity and a wide application of uses.Download Scotchbond Multipurpose Plus pdf

Filtek Supreme: A heavily filled small particle composite with good strength for posteriors and adequate esthetics for anterior.

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