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Magnification: 2-5 to 3.5 wide field custom made glasses. Orascoptic (800-369-3698 or 608-831-255) Orascoptic
Designs For Vision, Inc. (800-345-4009). Designs For Vision

Light-Cured Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Liner: Vitre-bond (3M) or Fuji Lining Cement LC (G-C)

Caries Detector: 1% Acid Red 54 in ethylene glycol: An acid red caries detector that should be used on a routine basis during caries removal. This material easily can be made up by a pharmacist for dental office use. Available as Caries Detector (Kuraray). Other companies (e.g., Danville Engineering, Ultradent and Gresco) also make caries detectors.

Type I Glass Ionomer: Glass Ionomer Cements (Type I): Fuji I (GC), Ketac-Cem (3MESPE), CX-Plus (Shofu) are conventional glass ionomers that come as a powder/liquid and in capsules. These Type I glass ionomers, unlike resin-containing ionomers, have virtually no expansion.

Expa-syl: Expa-syl™ is a paste used for gingival retraction that opens the sulcus, physically displacing the tissue and leaving the field dry, ready for impression taking or cementation. You simply place it directly into the sulcus, leave it for one to two minutes, then rinse. Expa-syl

Autocured Resin Cement: Unicem (3MESPE), Download PDF on RelyX-Unicem

Caries Indicators: Caries Finder (Danville Engineering),

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