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Panavai: Panavia 21 (J. Morita USA/Kuraray) is an improved version that is easier to use and has a longer working time. Panavia also now comes in a dual-cured form. A major disadvantage of Panavia is its limited shades.

Shofu OneGloss: SHOFU Finishing Products: OneGloss (Shofu): Cup, inverted cone, and point-shaped silicone cups that are easy to use, leave a smooth finish and cause minimal damage to contours. The disposable cups are my favorite.

Tungsten Carbide Carvers: Tungsten Carbide Carvers (Brasseler): Good for trimming excess composite from marginal areas.

Safe End Finishing Diamond: Safe End Finishing Diamonds: Safe Ended Flame 8859 GKEF, Fine FG by Brasseler are excellent for trimming Class V restorations.

Kavo Rondoflex: Handpiece air abrasion unit. Rondoflex

LE Dementron 1: LED curing light

Kavo Prophyflex 3: A handpiece water abrasion unit. Prophyflex 3

Multiflexiable Airscaler: A handpiece ultrasonic scaler. Airscaler

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