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Temporary Materials: Luxatemp(Zenith) and Integrity (Caulk) are automix bis-acryl composites (similar to the earlier versions of Protemp) that go from a fluid directly to a rigid set. (Made by DMG Germany, sold in US by Formost Dental 201-894-5500 and Caulk). Protemp II Garant is the automix version of the newer version of Protemp (ESPE). It is a bis-acryl composite with an intermediate rubber-like setting reaction prior to final set. Any of these materials can be added to any conventional composite. 3/5/01

Rubber Dam Clamps: Diamond edges to increase retention: 116-8616 (partially erupted molars), 116-8632 & 116-8640 (premolars), 166-8533 & 166-8541 (molars), all made by Ash. System 9 (Hygenic) contains a set of clamps that work nicely on almost all teeth. Other high-quality clamps are available. 3/5/01

Temporary Cement for Veneers: Prolink catalyst-base (Vivadent) was one of the first resin temporary cements. It comes in a white shade. Tempbond Clear (Kerr) comes in a clear shade and has very nice handling properties.

Thermoplastic Overimpression: Temporary Crown Matrix Buttons (Advantage Dental Products Inc., 810-391-1625 or 800-388-6319). Also available through Prodx Inc., P.O. Box 441, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, (253) 265-8624.

Mylar Strip Holder: Strip Holder: regular (100-0025) or right angle (100-0079) (Henry Schein Co., 800-372-4346).

Veneer Holder: Grabit (Chameleon Dental Products, 800-359-7111; 913-281-5552). Sticky ended holders to assist in trying veneers and other restorations in the mouth. Some use double-sided tape. A number of useful products are available.

Matrix Bands: Posterior Composites: Ho 0.001" thin Tofflemire Matrix Bands, dead soft preferred, regular available when adjustment of proximal contour is not desired.
       Composi-tight Sectional Matrix Retainer GDS and Composi-tight Sectional Matrix Retainer GDS (Garrison Dental Solutions, 1-888-437-0032). 3/5/01

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