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ADEPT Diamond Kit: These diamonds are recommended shapes for most bonded composite and porcelain preparations. These shapes are available from most manufacturers. This group was assembled by Brasseler (#A620B) and is sold with no additional mark-up over unit cost and no sales profit to the ADEPT Institute. From left to right / Veneer: #828-026, 6844-014, 38011-52, 8856L-016; Crown: #5869-014, 8885-010, 10839-012; Direct: #849-010, 801-010, and Finishing #8368-016, 8859G-010, 132F-008. A presentation like this is available for any company that would like to have us display recommendations from their product line.

DIAGNOdent: DIAGNOdent(Kavo) DIAGNOdent is a highly recommended product. One of the most useful devices available for caries detection.

Indicating Spray: Occlude, Green or Red (Pascal Company, Inc. 208-827-4694). Quick Check disclosure powder (Vacalon Int., 800-729-819, 614-577-1945). Others are available. These are used to assist in finishing preparations by improving surface visibility. They are ideal for adjusting the fit of indirect units, especially those made of porcelain. 2/3/00

Kavoflex Handpiece Air Abrasion: Air Abrasion Equipment: There are many units on the market. Most vary in their speed of cutting and size of unit. All units remove enamel. The features or each unit should be determined by the dentist.

Stainless Steel Finishing Strips: For use with porcelain and composite. G-C Metal Strips (G-C), Compo Strips (Premier), Gateway Diamond Strips (Brasseler), and Enhance Finishing Strips (Caulk). VisionFlex DiamondStrip (Brasseler) has perforations that help remove debris. All these strips come in multiple grits. (6/5/05)

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