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Dental Materials
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Restoratives, Impression Materials, Bleaching
Express™ (PVS Impression Material), F2000 (Compomer Restorative), RelyX™ ARC (Adhesive Resin Cement), RelyX™ Luting Cement - formerly Vitremer™ Luting Cement (resin modified glass ionomer cement), RelyX™ Veneer Cement (porcelain veneer resin cement), RelyX™ Ceramic Primer, Imprint and Imprint™ II (PVS Impression Material, Imprint™ SBR (Occlusal Registration Material), ProTemp3™ (bisacryl temporary material), Single Bond Dental Adhesive System, Scotchbond™ Multi-Purpose Plus Dental Adhesive System, Filtek™ Scotchbond™ Resin Cement, Vitremer™ (resin modified glass ionomer), Z250 and P60 (composite restorative), Zaris™(home bleach), Z100™ (composite restorative).

Axis Dental
Large section of rotary instruments as preparation diamonds, polishers, diamond discs, and carbides. Product line includes "Diagloss" polishers, "Turbo" diamonds, and "Universal" cutters.

All Dental Prodx
CompositRepair (resin primer) Temp Tabs (thermoplastic matrix for temporization), Absorb-its (cellulose, thin profile, non-sticking cotton roll alternatives), Safety-Wipes (adhesive-backed foam for hygiene instrument and endo file safety), Breath (tongue cleaning device).

Restoratives and Equipment
ALL-BOND® 2 Universal Adhesive System, AQUA-PREP‘ F (fluoridated wetting and desensitizing agent), ÆLITESEAL‘ (pit and fissure sealant), ÆLITEFLO‘ (flowable composite), ÆSTHTI-PLUS™ and LIGHT POST™ (fiber post systems), BISCOLOR‘ (light-cure color modifiers), BIS-CORE‘ (dual-Cure build-up composite), BISFIL‘ CORE (light-cure build-up composite), BISFIL‘ 2B (self-cure composite restorative), BISFIL‘ II and P (posterior composites), CORE-FLO‘ (flowable composite), C & B‘ CEMENT (crown and bridge luting cement), CHOICE‘, (porcelain veneer resin luting agent), DUO-LINK‘ (composite luting cement), FORTIFY™ (surface sealant), GLAZE (flowable microfilled composite), LINER-F™ (composite resin liner), ONE-STEP® (universal dental adhesive), SEALANT (pit and fissure sealant), PYRAMID™ (packable composite restorative), RENEW™ (universal hybrid composite)
RESINOMER™ (resin luting system), ACCU-PREP™ (hand-held sand blaster), V.I.P.™ (dental curing light).

Restoratives, Impression Materials, Equipment
Advance (compomer cement), Aquasil (PVS impression material), Comspan (composite luting cement), AutoMatrix (metal circular band), AutoMatrix II (clear circular band), Dycal (calcium hydroxide), Dyract and Dyract AP (compomer restorative), Dyract Flow , Calibra (dual cured resin cement), Enforce Multipurpose (luting cement), Enhance (polishing cups), FluoroCore (composite build-up), FluroShield (filled resin sealant), Fynal Permanent (Zoe Cement), Integrity (bisacryl temporary material), Prime & Bond 2.1 and NT (light and dual cured dental adhesive), Hydrosil (PVS impression material)
Jeltrate (alignate), Principle (compomer cement), Polyjel (polyether impression material), Prisma APH (composite restorative), Prisma Gloss (polishing paste), Prisma Tints and Metal Opaquers (color modifiers), Prisma-Shield (filled sealant), Prisma VLC Dycal (light cured liners), ProBOND (two component bonding agent), SureFil (packable composite), TPH Spectrum (composite restorative), Regisil (bite registration material), Reprosil (PVS impression material), Tylok Plus (polycarboxylate cement), ZOE B&T (zinc oxide eugenol filling material), Temporary Bridge Resin (acrylic temporary materials), TimeLine VLC Baseliner (resin liner), Zircate Prophy Paste (aluminium oxide).

Dental Accessories (Syinges, Brushes)
Benda®Brush VersafloTM: "Eliminates cross-contamination problems associated with multiple use syringes."
Encore®Core Paste LolliPackTM: "The fast, easy single-dose package that saves time and eliminates cross-contamination.
RetracTM: "The cordless retraction and tissue management that is both quick and gentle to your patients..." D/SenseTM: "It makes sense to use D/Sense, the dentin desensitizer in the single-dose LolliPack!"

Clinician's Choice Dental Products
Matrixies and Specialy Items

Fluorides, Tooth Whitenign and Home Care.
Fluorides: Luride, Phos-Flur, Fluorigard, PreviDent, FluoroCare, FluoroFoam, and Gel-Kam brands. Toothwhitening: Colgate Platinum Professional Whitening system and Colgate Platinum Overnight Whitening system.

Coltene Whaledent
Composites, Impression Materials, Posts & Misc.
Makers of Synergy composite, Duo Cement, President PVS, ParaPost, assorted pins, Coltolux 3 curing light, and Hygenic rubber dams and mixing products.

Restoratives, Finishing Materials
Creative Color (color modifier), FlexiDisc and Flexistrip (plastic polishing disc and strip), FlexiBuff, FlexiCups, FlexiPoints, Renamel, (microfill composite restorative), Renamel Hybrid (composite restorative), Insure (veneer luting agent)

Danville Engineering
Equipment, Misc Products
Aluminum oxide, Caries Finder (caries detector), Microcab/Macrocab, Microetcher Sandblaster, Microprime (metal bonding agent), Microtin Electroplater, Microvibrator (seating device), soft alumina, beads, gamet, silicon carbide

Matrixies, Instruments, Speciality Items.

Dental Innovations
Innovative products to matrix preparations posterior composites.

Bleaching materials, Impression Materials
Excel 2 "Z", DayWhite 2 "Z", Nite White Now Kosher, Nite White Classic and Nite White Excel (10%, 16% and 22% carbamide peroxides).

Restoratives, Impression Materials in automixers
Acracem (ZOE based cement), Ecusit (small particle composite), Luxacore (build up material), Luxaform (thermoplstic temporary form), Luxatemp (bisacryl temporary material), MixStar (automixer for impression materials), Permacem (compomer cement), Silagum (PVS), Solist (one step dentin bonding agent), and Tempocem and Tempocem NE (temporary cements)

Composites, GICs, Impression Materials, Equip.
Cavit® (zinc oxide temporary), Chelon-Silver® (cermet glass ionomer), Dimension® and Penta – (PVS impression material), Dimension® Bite (PVS bite registration material), Durelon® (Polycarboxylate Cement), Hytac® Aplitip® (Compomer restorative), Impregum® Penta (polyether impression material), Ketac-Bond® (glass ionomer base) Ketac-Cem®, Ketac-Fil®, Aplicap®/Maxicap®/Radiopaque (glass ionomer cement), Ketac-Molar (glass ionomer base), Ketac-Silver® (cermet glass ionomer), Ramitec® Penta (polyether bite registration material), Permadyne® Garant and Penta 2:1 Syringe (polyether impression material), Pertac® II (composite restorative), Photac® (compomer restorative), Protemp® Garant Bis-Acryl Provisional Material, Protemp® II Bis-Acryl Provisional Material, Prompt® L-Pop® (Compomer Adhesive), Rotomix® (titurator), Visio-Seal® (pit and fissure sealant)

Glass Ionomers, Impression Materials
Coe Disposable Trays, Epitex Finishing and Polishing Strips, Exaflex (PVS impression material), Fiji I (glass ionomer cement), Fiji II (glass ionomer restorative), Fiji II LC (light cured resin modified glass ionomer restorative), Fiji Core (glass ionomer core build-up), Fiji IX GP (glass ionomer restorative), Fuji Plus (dual cured resin modified glass ionomer cement), Fuji Bond LC (resin bonding agent), GC Metal Strips, Mircle Mix (glass ionomer build-up with alloy particles), Unifast (acrylic temporary material).

Mirage Dental Products
Bonding Systems

Garrison Dental Solutions
Matrix Systems
Sectional Matrix Retainer Systems, Wedges, Finishing Materials

Composite resins
ALERT™ (Packable Composite), BOND-IT (resin adhesive), BOND-1® (single component adhesive), Splint-It® (polyethylene fiber), BUILD-IT ® (composite core material), Cement-It® (Dual-curing resin cement), First-fill™ (Light Cured Temporary Filling Material, Flex-Span™ (composite temporary crown and bridge material, FLOW-IT® (Flowable Composite) , LUTE-IT® (dual-cure resin cement), Protect-It® (resin surface sealant), Sculpt-It® (composite restorative, FibreKor® (fiber Post System), Correct Quick and VPS (impression materials)

J. Morita USA
Composites and Bonding Agents
Alloy Primer, CLEARFIL AP-X, CLEARFIL AP-X, Clearfil Core, Clearfil Photo Bond, Clearfil Porcelain Bond , Clearfil SE Bond, Linerbond 2V, PANAVIA 21, Panavia F, Photo Core, TEETHMATE F

Composites, Impression Materials
Aesthetic Advantage burs, Core Restore (build-up composite), Elan (Compomer Restorative), Extrude (PVS impression material), Herculite (composite restorative), Nexus (Luting Composite), Point 4 (Composite), Optibond (two part bonding agent), Optibond Solo (one part bonding agent), Prodogy Condensable and Prodogy Hybrid (composite restorative), Revolution (flowable composite), Take 1 (PVS impression material), Tempbond (temporary cement), Tempbond NE, Tempbond Clear, Temphase (Temporary material), Tyin FC (amalgam).
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Durafill (microfilled composite restorative), Charisma and Charisma F (composite restorative), Gluma® and Gluma One Bond (resin adhesive), Solitaire® (packable composite), Bond Enamel/Dentin Bonding System, Memoreg C.D. (Bite Registration Product)

Kuraray Products / J. Morita
Composite resins
Alloy Primer, CLEARFIL AP-X, CLEARFIL AP-X, Clearfil Core, Clearfil Photo Bond, Clearfil Porcelain Bond , Clearfil SE Bond, Linerbond 2V, PANAVIA 21, Panavia F, Photo Core, TEETHMATE F

Nobel Biocare
Branemark Implants
A large selection of implant fixtures and abutments.

At Home Bleaching Products and Fluorides
White & Brite, Periomed, Omi Gel, Perisol, & Cavity Shield.

Instruments and Diamonds
Premier offers and good selection of dental instruments, matrixs, and diamond products.

Glass Ionomers, Cutting Finishing Instruments
AcryPoint (polishing point), Brownie and Greenie Floppie Disks, Ceramiste Points, Ceramiste Soft Points, CompoSite Points, Dura-Green Stones, Dura-Green Unmounted Wheels, Dura-White Stones, GlasIonomer, Base, CoreShade, Lining, Type I, and Type II; Hi Dense (glass ionomer build-up), Hy-Bond Polycarboxylate, Hy-Bond Zinc Oxide Eugenol Temporary, Hy-Bond Zinc Phosphate, Imperva Dual and Imperva Bond, One-Step OneGloss™, SuperBuff (polishing wheel) Brownie, Greenie and SuperGreenie Points Hardie Points, Hi Lite In-Office Bleaching System, Hi Lite, Non-Peroxide Whitening System, Hybrid Points and Kit, Robot Points, SummaDisk, Super-Snap, T & F-grit Hybrid Point and Kit

SS White Burs
Assorted burs and diamonds.

Bleaching Materials, Composites
Astringedent (ferric sulfate), Chromaclone (alginate), Opalescence F and PF (15% and 20% carbamide peroxide for home bleaching), Opalescence Quick (in-office 35% carbamide peroxide), Opalescence Xtra (in-office 35% hydrogen peroxide), Permalute (resin cement, PermaQuick or PQ1 Universal Bonding Systems, PermaQuick™ and PQ1™ (resin adhesives), ViscoStat,

University of Pacific - Student Store
Books / Educational Dental Supplies
The dental student store offers dental texts (some are exclusively sold through UOP), typodonts, and other items for dental education.

Vident is the North American distributor of the internationally recognized Vita Lumin Vacuum Shade Guide and quality Vita materials. Vita and Vita-Span 3D-Master shade tabs, In-ceram, Omega 900, VMK-95, Vitadur Alpha Porcelain.

Composites, Finishing Materials
Amalcap Plus® and Vivacap-® (Amalgam), Dentin Protector (urethane-based cavity varnish), Coradent (Self-curing build-up composite), Excite (single component dentin bonding in unidose vessel. Heliobond ™ (Unfilled Resin), Heliomolar Radiopaque® (Composite Restorative), Helio Progress® (Light-Curing Microfill Composite), Isopast® and Isomolar® (Self-Curing microfill composites), Protec Cem (compomer cement), Syntac® (two component light-curing adhesive) Syntac®, Single Component ™ and Syntac® Sprint™ (Light-Curing bonding agent), Tetric® and Tetric®Ceram (composite restorative), Tetric®Flow (flowable composite), Reocap-IC (Calcium hydroxide), Vivaglass® Cem (GIC cement) Vivaglass® Liner (GIC bases/linings)

Temporary Material
Luxatemp (bisacryl temporary materials in automixer)

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