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Gerald Denehy
A Direct Approach to Restore Anterior Teeth
Direct composite resins offer the dentist definite advantages in the treatment of many anterior esthetic situations. Recent advances in resin systems and techniques have enhanced the applications of these materials. This presentation covers the advantages and disadvantages of direct resin restoratives. Recommendations for material selection and techniques for simplification of placement are discussed.

Harald Heymann
Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
Description: Plagued by recurring dental sensitivity? Know what causes it? How to prevent it? Is surface disinfection the answer? What about one-bottle desensitizers? This presentation will provide sensible answers to these and many other questions regarding tooth sensitivity.
This presentation will discuss the causes of tooth sensitivity and will chronicle the many categories of desensitizing agents. Treatment of sensitivity associated with restorative procedures as well as root sensitivity will be addressed, including what works and what doesnít. Additionally, the effects of rapid light curing and contraction stress (C-factor) will be reviewed. Get the FACTS based on research, not just opinion and hearsay based on anecdote.

Bruce Small
The Comprehensive Examinination
One of the most important parts of a patientís dental experience are the first few visits. During this time many dental offices perform a very comprehensive examination of their patients and collect data that is useful in diagnosis as well as establishing a mutual trusting relationship. In addition the patient many times becomes more aware of their dental condition and seeks restoration. During this presentation, Dr. Small explains in detail the philosophy as well as the clinical steps involved in The Comprehensive Examination.

Ed Swift
Achieving Success with Modern Impression Materials
Perhaps nothing is more crucial to the success of cemented or bonded indirect restorations than a good impression of the prepared tooth. Nevertheless, dentists receive very little information on impression materials and techniques, either in dental school or in continuing education courses. Impression making can be a very frustrating process in the restorative dental practice.

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